Heh. Okay I’m a sucker for these quiz things. I promise not to over do them since it can realllllllly slow down the page load. But yeah one of my current anime obsessions is Haibane Renmei. So far I have only seen the first 5 episodes but it is really pretty. The art and animation are quite nice. The characters loveable and overall an enjoyable series. But there seems to be a weird sorta sinister cloud that hovers just outside the visible edge of the story. It may just be me being paranoid but I as soon as the Toga characters showed up I had this weird vibe from them. Anyway. Over at quizilla.com I did one of the “Which character Are You” quizzes. And here’s the result.

Rakka: You seem at first shy and a bit spacy; but
this is symptom of your deep and loving
sensitivity to those around you, and your
emotional vividness of character, and your
simplicity in these things. You have a
particularly beautiful approach to life, and
are always willing to put the others around you
at the center of your mind, instead of
yourself. You are very open, and can be hurt
easily, but heal well as well.

Which character of Haibane Renmei are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

::sigh:: I have done these before, without having a place to post them. I really don’t mind the characters I tend to get, I like them a lot usually. But for crying out loud why are they always girls?! (0.0) Like I said I have nothing against them, but geez I’d like to think that every now a then I could get to be a male character, since that is what one would expect me to be. Oh well. Enough of my grousing. Go watch Haibane Renmei! It’s good for you! OH and Wolf’s Rain too! (yes I know the site is mostly in Japanese, but the gallery link works and it’s really cool looking)

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