WAIIIIIIIIII!!! Hurray for anime! Just got back from the weekly anime club meeting at SFSU. It was sadly our last meeting but it was really fun. Despite technical challenges. We watched: VanDred, You’re Under Arrest, Those Who Hunt Elves, Risky Safety, Mahorobmatic (I think that’s spelled wrong, but it’s 1 in the morning give me a break. I’ll correct it when I wake up) and AMVs (Anime Music Videos). One of the highlights of the evening was actually winning something out of the weekly drawing! I won! YAY! What did I win? I won the main feature of the night, Millennium Actress A very lovely movie from the director of Perfect Blue which was beautiful . . . and yet soooooo disturbing. ::shiver:: Anyway. This movie is more lighthearted and sentimental. I recommend it! Okay. Now to sleep. I’ll probably post again in the morning. Well when I wake up later that is.

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