Hey all! Okay Here’s my plan for break.

  1. Do paintings for Christmas presents.
  2. Get final designs ready for webComic consumption.
  3. Get my first month of my comic penciled and inked (I’m planning on a weekly update schedule so hopefully when school starts again I’ll still be able to keep it up. ::crosses fingers::)
  4. Get the first two weeks colored.
  5. Get at least two months penciled (yeh I’m thinking it’s social suicide)
  6. Set up the Keenspace site, ready and running
  7. Set up a secondary art blog. Which will be linked from this one.

I know it’s kind of a biiiiiiig goal. But if I can get one month ready I’ll be happy. After that my plan is to:

  • write on Monday
  • Pencil on Tuesday,
  • Ink on Wednesday,
  • Color on Thursaday,
  • and (if all goes according to plan) on Friday you’ll have a comic!

Huzzah! w00t! And all that.

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