Oh yah. I was supposed to gush about LOTR: ROTK (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.) You know it’s nerdy geek talk when it’s in acronyms. Just look at any game magazine and you’ll see. Every game title is an acronym. But that’s beside the point.
The other sub title of this film could have been “represent”; ’cause everyone and their uncle kicks tail and takes names! I won’t tell too much because you all need to go see it but, W00t! Legolas! w00t!w00t! So what if he’s a pretty boy elf that no real life man could measure up to; He lays the smack down! And who wouldn’t want his +14 in Dexterity? My elf characters would be neigh untouchable with that! heh reminds me in my friends Sovereign Stone campaign I’m working on making a Legolas-esque character! Whew I’m all over the place today.

But GO SEE Return of the King! It is soooooo worth the price of admission. Yes, even the ungodly 9 bucks of full admission! Okay I’ll admit although I’m a guy I’m a elf fanboy. Mostly because I like to dream that one day I’ll be that cool. But as it is . . . I’m just another weird geek. Oh well. ^_^ Take care.

Happy Holidays!

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