Well it was Christmas today! Hurray! I got an iPod! w00t!! Well I don’t actuallly have it yet, apparently they were out of stock but I will have one once they get’em back in! w00t! I also got to hang out with my family. We had several other people from church and the area in for Christmas dinner. Then we all just sort chilled at the building. We played a dice game called Bunco. it’s silly, odd, and strangely additicting. It a rather ‘mindless” game but it is really fun. Then we played a game called Phase 10 it’s a card game that feels a bit like rummy. The difference being that you have pre defined goals and a little card which tells you what they are. It took me 2 hours and some odd minutes to finally break out of phase one. We stopped then. Which was fine by me. It is fun but I lost big time. I was second highest in score (which is a bad thing, the scoring is a little like golf or hearts) and I was still in phase one. Ugh. But it is also an addicting and fun game. Now I go to bed. My Dad is taking the first flight out to Texas to give his brother a surprise birthday. The flgiht leaves at 6:30! ::groan:: Sleep. Oh well. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now go and get ready for New Years! Hurray!

Take care all!

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