It’s Sunday (or at least it was when I started this entry) and for me that means church service. I went to the early service today which was a change of pace. Also there was no class which also meant that we were done really early. But it gave me a chance to go to brunch with my aunt who is visiting from Texas, and my grandparents. That was nice. It is fun to relax with family. I count myself very fortunate that I can do that. It’s not everyone that has that sort of relationship with their family. But as far as I can tell that’s what the whole Holidays is supposed to be about. It is also a time to be with friends, last night I was over at my friend’s house and we were up to about 1 a.m. playing games! w00t!

We played a new FPS (First Person Shooter). It’s called Fire Warrior. It is based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe of the Games Workshop game by the same name. It’s actually a whole lot of fun even in 4 player mode. It also really gives you a much greater feel for how lethal the weapons in the table top strategy game are supposed to be. It is named after the basic troop type from one of the new races introduced in the 3rd edition of the game, the Tau! They are another highly advanced alien race. They are kinda like a weird mesh of the Eldar and the Space Marines. Mostly because they have the moveability and lightness of the Eldar, but the shootie-ness (is that even a word?) of the Space Marines. The one thing that they really do not do is hand to hand. They are very much a run and gun army. I’m thinking the Tyranids would rip them up. Mostly because my friend loves to play the “overwhelming numbers of infernal running doom” army. Ooo! it is so evil sometimes. Ick. I don’t think I’ve ever beat his Tyranid army. Although I still hold the honor of being the only one to have taken out a Carnifix with a standard weapon. Granted it was a missile launcher . . . but it wasn’t a vortex grenade. ^_^ Heh. My Eldar’s one claim to fame. But I digress.

We also got in a few rounds of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2. It’s fun. It plays just like the first one but the graphics got a boost and the character base is much bigger. Plus I now have a chance to play as Buu! w00t! Donno why but I liked that guy. although my all time fave Z fighter is Krillin. Go mini shoulin butt kicking power! Maybe I just like the fact that the little guy kicks butt. Either way it’s a fun game. Even though it still doesn’t have a frigging jump! Gah! Would jump be so hard to add?!

Then we played as one team on NCAA Game Breaker. The game is old and kinda flawed, but in the third game we actually won! Then we all celebrated like a bunch of gamer nerds but so what! It was cool! We finally beat the damned cheating’ AI. Not that the AI actually cheats but it’s so perfect that it might as well have been cheating.

We finished the night with Sceneit! It’s a movie trivia game that is astonishingly difficult and fun! Although my team never won but . . . eh. The worst was that my friends kept getting the questions that I could actually answer and then we would get these odd weird and obscure questions about movies neither of us have seen. Ugh. That sucked but it was fun nonetheless. Go out and try it.!

[Listening to: Hybrid Rainbows – Furi Kuri OST1 (the pillows) – Furi Kuri OST 1: Addict (03:58)]

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