Just got back from ‘the city’ aka SF aka San Francisco. My family too me to see the Degas sculpture exhibit. Wow. That man was a genius! OMG! Some might say that the ladies he sculpted were ‘fat’ I think they need their heads examined. Now the ladies are not ‘slight’ but they are most certainly not fat. And they are so elegant! w00t! (heh I’ll bet Degas never thought that someone would say ‘w00t’ about his art work) I know Degas is famous for his paintings but his sculpture is so worth seeing. It is on display at the Legion of Honor. Go go look! Stand there and be amazed!

Then we went to lunch. The restaurant we wanted was over full so we went next door. Now I have a little thing I call the ‘golden rule’, it’s not the classic one. This is about asian restaurant. It goes like this: If the restaurant has the word ‘Golden’ in it beware it may not be so golden. I have now found 2 exception to this ‘rule’. The second was the restaurant this afternoon. I cannot remember the name right now but I’ll ask my Dad about it later. The food there is really good! And reasonably priced! Parking can be a pain in the butt but it’s worth a little walking.

Well I’m sure some of you are wondering just where the heck my comic is? I’m wondering that myself. The holidays didn’t go exactly as I had planned and so I will probably postpone the major activity till after new years. Please stay tuned true believers. More and better hopefully soon.

[Listening to: Night of Fire – Dream – Para Para Paradise – (4:11)]

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