Okay time for a little drooling-fanboy-dom. Today I got an email from Yua Kotegawa, who is the creative force behind the Manga Anne Freaks and several others that I haven’t read yet. The story of which is strange but the art is beautiful . . . even under a coat of blood. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about! The e-mail was a short message explaining the attachment but still it really made my day. ::happy twirlings and whirlings:: Hurray! The attachment was a small image and it is really beautiful. Ooo! Waiiiii~! I was totally thrilled! I emailed her some time back to encourage her to have it released in the US. Also to encourage her in her work. But I never expected to get anything back! Hurray! Go to her site! yes it is mostly Japanese but so what. If you want more of the Anne Freaks email me and I’ll see about posting up some sample images.

I said I’d talk a little more about Prydain. So here it goes. Again I say read it! The books read fast. I finished the lot in about a week. And I completely enjoyed them. Keep the books! Then a few years later read them again. And repeat as often as you like! My next group of reading is Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry and to reread The Lord of the Rings. Then I’ll probably try to strike out in to new territory again. I may try to actually finish The Hunchback of Notre Dame I keep trying to read it but the prose are so heavy that it is hard sometimes. Yet they are so beautiful that how can one not like them? Then I’ll probably put Dune on the list. Whew, another very heavy book to read.

Best of luck all of you who are going back to school! Study hard, study well!

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