‘ello. If you all have been keeping up with this. Thanks and why? My life is surely not that interesting. You know it’s bad when the person living it thinks it’s uninteresting. But I guess that’s largely my own darn fault. Either way. Meh! ^^; Here is a neat place that makes interesting use of the Blog idea. Retarded Jimmy, it’s pop culture in review. Well it’s another view. The best is always your own. Don’t let someone else’s words force you to believe. Research, review and decide for yourself. There are few things quite as sad as someone who is thinking something because someone told them so.

This brings me to a point that really raises my heckles! Censorship. I realize that there is material out there that offended and degrades but for cryin out loud must everything be PC? If you’re not offended at least once a week then you need to check your pulse, or go outside your little cave more often. Life is offensive. At some point in it all you will offend or be offended. Get over it! Some famous dude said, “You can’t pleas all the people all the time.” And he’s right! The key is priorities! Know who you are and who you think needs your message! Then give the rest a map of where they can put their comments! If you try to please everyone all the time you will become crazy! I know! I tried! All you end up with is a head ache, a shattered heart, and a depression so black that you just want to feel pain to feel anything at all. *ahem* Life is like that. But life is also splendidly beautiful. You just need to pick who and what is deserving of the attention that it demands. Most people are worth it. There are people I could name here, but I won’t so as to protect their privacy.

Which reminds me. The “Patriot Act” is fast becoming a travesty of the right to privacy. It’s not enough that the RIAA can demand the logs of ISPs without a court order now the government has been given an even more even hand with which to stick their fingers where they are not wanted nor needed.

A word to the RIAA:

People! Stop this suing nonsense! Doing this just tells the pirates that they were right to steal from you. Also know this. You will never, never, NEVER stop the pirates completely. The only people you’re hurting are those who are either just uninformed or unable to buy the music at $20 a CD. $20 for a 10 song CD? That’s nearly criminal! So what’s the solution? I donno, but the iTunes Music Store is a great start! What would be really cool would be if they could get imported (as in outside of the USA) music labels to sign on with them! Then I could get all the J-Pop/Rock and J-Idol music I could want for less than import CD costs! w00t! Anime fans around the world would rejoice! It’d be one of the best reasons for me to get an iTunes account.

,p.I’d want an iPod regardless. ^_^ It is possibly the coolest MP3 player out there. I Luvs it so much! The price is higher than some of the competing products but it is surely the best designed. I may not be as tricked out itself but that’s what third party development is all about! Dr.Bott has tons of iPod things! And there are more coming out all the time. One personal favorite of mine is the iTrip from Griffin. It is an FM transmitter for the iPod, so you can play your iPod music on your stereo! No extra wires or crawling behind your stereo cabinet just to play the music. Granted in a major city you’ll have problems finding an ’empty’ frequency but it works pretty well once you do. ^_^

Okay. I have an admission to make. Some of you know that I was wanting to start up a comic over this break. Well I’m sure some of you are wondering just when the heck I’m gonna actually do it?! Well that’s an excellent question. One to which I have no good answer. I can elaborate a little about why it’s not going yet. 1. I’m a lazy bum. No two ways about it. I get into the couch and it instantly starts sucking my life away. Oh the TV doesn’t help either. 2. I am scared. I know that’s not a good excuse but it’s the best I got. To put one’s art work on display is a bit like putting your child on a pedestal. The first person who says, “My god! Who put that out for the public to see?! Did they take the picture and wipe their butt with it before they put it up? And the story? What the Hell is it? Why does he take so damn long between updates? Why does he suck like a hoover?” I know. It’s pathetic really. Why should I give a damn what others say. But that doesn’t stop it from stinging. Granted noone’s said that yet but ugh. I dread that E-mail. Oh well. Those are my lame excuses for why I didn’t do the one thing I really wanted to do during break. ::sigh:: Oh, well. maybe next time. Ha ha . . . ugh. Anyway. I had better go before the irate self abuse monster shows up again.

[Listening to: Crazy Sunshine – The Pillows – Happy Bivouac (04:07)]

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