I feel a little numb right now. Don’t want to go into it. Suffice to say two friends in the past two days have told me about the biggest hurts in their lives. I’m honored they trust me so. But being male, and I’m sure I suffer from a hero complex, I want to help them. To fix it. To make it better. But I can’t. You can’t fix lives. There are days when being human is a royal pain in the butt. Not because people have problems. No problems are not the issue. I guess I am the issue. I want people to feel good and happy. Some times I can change their mood. Sometimes I can’t. Times like these I wish I could fly or teleport. Then even if I couldn’t ‘fix’ them at least I could assure them that I mean what I say. Not that I would lie, but it’s always nice to ‘feel’ the honesty of a person’s word.

On a lighter note, I rearranged my room today. Hopefully this new arrangement will be more functional and useful. Em. Yah. Not much else is going on. Take care all. And don’t be afraid to love. At some point you’ll meet someone who will beable to return the love you give. That sounds so corny.

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