I’m actually feeling pretty good. Hurray! Maybe because I’m watching XPlay on TechTV. Which brings me to the “happier” section of today’s little blogging: the show, Totally Spies.

When it first came out I wanted to like it. Really. I was hoping it would be an animated version of She Spies. It was one of those weekend evening “it’s entertaing and there is nothing else worth watching on TV” fare. I like it. It was silly and funny and ultimately fun. Totally Spies on the other hand is neither. Well no it is silly. But it tends to miss the funny and fun factor.
Here’s the skinny. Three high school girls from Beverly Hill’s High have been drafted by the government as speical agents. Already it’s on shaky ground. Then you see their field equipment. Oh dear lord it’s all pink!! No self respecting builder would put pink on field issue equipment. Another thing that rather annoys me is that is is an anime wanabe. It almost makes it. But some of the animation is not up to anime standards. Also the expressions and the actions seem sorta slapped on sometimes. Plus they all seem to suffer from the ‘Barbi’ complex. So when ever they get dirty they complian. But I’ll give them credit for at least ceasing their whining to get the job finished. But their enemies are . . . well . . . kinda lame. One of the most recently that I glimpsed was using genetics to create humanoid animals so that she could make seemless fur coats. An interesting plot idea plus it allowed the animators the chance to draw cute cat girls that are ubiquitous in anime. Yet they missed the charm and kawaii-ness (translate cuteness) that make characters like Digi-Carat such a hit. So it’s okay for those who expect nothing out of television. Sadly I see the potential that this show might have had and neve lived up to.

A show that hits more closely to the mark is Kim Possible on Disney. Her tech is not possible but at least it makes more sense than putting a communicator in compact. Besides Ron, her trusty friend, is much more likeable. Even if Ron does play the ‘damsle in distress’. Despite that they made Ron the ‘idot sidekick’ he has eveolved and grown as the show has gone on and now is actually a fairly viable character with some distinctive amouts of oblivion. But then again that’s why we like him. He’s much more like us than most of use would care to admit to.

Kim is cool too. She is very much the image of the ‘liberated woman’. Being a woman in a classically male possition. She takes to it pretty well. She is very calm and quite capable. After all her last name is Possible. ^_^ Her character has had a less drastic evolution since she was pretty well set at the beginning of the show. But she always comes though with the help of Ron and her friends. Overall it is silly but fun. So it still recommend it for viewing. That’s all for now. Go watch some animation.

[Listening to: My Heart iidasenai, Your Heart tashikametai – Goddess Family Club – Ah! My Goddess – Oh My Goddess – My Heart iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai (04:17)]

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