Not much to report today. Today was pretty easy going. I woke up late. Don’t know why. Not really complaining either. but still. Oh well.

Linux on my old iMac is proving difficult. The auto detection in Yellow Dog Linux, which is based on RedHat, keeps giving me bad values. I donno what’s up. Now I’m gonna have to crack open the X server and mess with the settings. Or I could use another 45 -50 min. of my life reinstalling it . . . again. Bah. I think I’ll just get my hands dirty and do in in the text mode. Yep. Command line editing! w00t! Nuthin’ says geek like command line editing. ::sigh:: Although it does rather preclude that my visibility to the female population of this sorry little planet just went to an even lower low. ::sigh:: Well can’t be helped. I’m a geek. Soon to be a full blown Linux geek. Kinda scary. Heh all I need now is to put my penguin plushie on top of my iMac and call him Tux. Which for those who don’t know is mascot for Linux in general. Each of the distributions of Linux have their own mascot but the general community rallies around Tux the penguin.

For some reason I think of Fight Club. “Find your spirit animal.” Penguin says, “Slide!” and then slides away. ^_^ I love that movie. A bizarre blend of hilarity and sobriety. Plus it gave me so much more respect for Brad Pitt as an actor. My favorite line is the one where Edward Norton has finally found out that Tyler is just in his head, and yet when the opportunity comes he takes a shot at him while he is standing in front of the van full of nitro. Tyler screams, “Whoa! Whoa! What do you think you are doing? You are shooting your gun, at your invisible friend who is standing in front of a van full of nitroglycerin!” That and “You met me at a very strange point in my life.” My faves. Oh and the whole section about him as different people’s body parts. That was great. The movie is such an enthralling and odd experience that it really must be seen. Just be prepared for some pretty brutal fight scenes, oh and some harsh language.

[Listening to: She is perfect – the pillows – (03:29)]

Yes, I am a FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and Pillows fan. But this is also a tribute to a friend. ^_~ I’m sure that person knows who they are.

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