Truth. Reality. The words seem interchangeable, but they aren’t. Reality may not be truth. However truth is always reality. Some might even say that truth transends reality. That makes a degree of sense. For something to be true it must always be correct. So it would follow that truth is higher than reality. So that begs the question, What is truth? Is truth actually atainalbe? And if it is do you really want it? Because once you have truth there is no going back. Despite what The Matrix says there is no going back. You cannot un-know truth. That is the nature of truth it is well true. Once you have this to go back to the lie is impossible. You can abandon truth but you cannot un-know it. It will always nag at the back of your mind. “Like a splinter in your mind. Slowly driving you mad.”

[Listening to: Starry Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfold – Bunkka (03:45)]

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