Well school starts again tomorrow. Hurray. Actually I am kinda glad. I have been rather tired of sitting on my lazy back side for most of the month. My painting area in the garage is clean again, my car is mostly clean, and my room is clean and re ordered. Yet I completely missed getting any of my proposed art projects done. ::sigh:: Shame on me. Oh well. Maybe over the semester I’ll find myself motivated enough to get my butt in gear. I’ll give you all a little more 411 after school tomorrow. Heh. I’ll probably use a few of my remaining hours of freedom to get some more hours on Vagrant Story in. Gotta love tactical action combat, that still has some of the strategy of a turn based RPG. It’s a wild mix that is hella fun! Go buy or rent it today! Yay SquareSoft! (they made it before they merged with Enix to make Square Enix, which is an RPG fan boy’s wet dream) Okay later all!

[Listening to: Starry Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfold – Bunkka (03:45)]

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