Well today has been nice. No pressing deadlines. No homework due. I got to wake up late and enjoy a nice long shower! Yay! Hm. No big events. But I did watch The Screen Savers! I love that show. Today was espeically cool since it was the concluding day of Space Weeeeek! >note: please read the preceeding phrase in an over the top TV announcer voiceWill Wheaton was on. He was on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Anyway the really cool bit was he interviewed the people over at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). They are the ones controling the Mars rovers! It’s very geeky and extremely cool! We also got to see the preliminary work on Yoshi’s latest mod. He’s making a fully custom comptuer. It should be pretty sweet! He’s making a rocket shaped case! w00t!

Oh! I was watching Kim Possible today. And one of the lead bad guys was voiced by the guy who does Zim on Invader Zim! Another show I dearly love! Gir is the best! He’s my hero! Booorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiittooooooooooooooooooooooos!! hee hee hee. ^^; I’m running! I’m running! >bongbong

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