Well it’s another day. It’s Wednesday to be exact. And I’m already behind on my art blog. Ugh. Oh well. I’ll probably post two things tonight. Anyway. I have to admit a little guilty pleasure I get out of the parking structure at school. I know, “What ‘guilty pleasure’ could anyone possibly get from a parking garage? And do I really want to know about this?” Relax, it’s nothing kinky. It’s just that I have taken to parking on the bottom level of it . . . because part of the exit lane goes though a partly walled off section of the parking lot. Why I enjoy this is that if you go faster that you are supposed to in a parking lot it feels a little like rocketing out of the Bat Cave. That’s right, The BatCave. Yes, I am an unashamed comic fan-boy. And my life is so small that I do have to invent stupid little things to amuse myself. But at least this one is really cool! ^_^ So I get to feel all heroic for the split second it takes to cross that ittty bitty stretch of parking lot.

Today was a little different. I stopped to ponder what would bring Batman out. I would like to take on the Joker and Harley Quinn. I think they make a great team, albeit a really messed up couple. Changing gears a bit, but who wouldn’t want to be Batman? He’s rich, handsome, powerful, has a cool costume, tons of cool gadgets, a butler, a bad a$$ car, plane, etc. Plus he get’s to ‘play’ with Catwoman! =^.^= Nyow! Who can resist a woman in skin tight leather/vinyl? Nicole Kidman was purrrrrfectly (oh come on you saw that coming) delicious in Batman Returns. Even if they made her character rather freakier than she was supposed to be. Nevertheless when she was in costume who could fault Batman. I mean honestly. And in the Animated series they got the character right and gave her depth too. Double bonus! And now in the comics when Jim Lee takes over they are gonna explore their relationship some more. Starting with the fact that he brings her into the BatCave! Yep, she actually sees the computer, Alfred, the works! I hope it finally works out for those two. If anyone is going to have a chance of understanding Batman it’s Catwoman. Or Talia, the daughter of Rash Al Goul, she one of the few women who know the secret of “The Great Detective”. Batman is there anything he can’t do? Sure Superman is cool and ‘Super’ but there is something about Batman that just makes him that much more real for me. Eh. Who knows. Either way it’s good stuff! Go Bats and Catwoman! May your love life be more exciting than mine. Which wouldn’t take much since I don’t have one but that’s something completely different.

Well the best to you and yours! Go read some comics!

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