I HATE technology. Stupid, bloody fuggin’ technology! ARGH! At the current moment I am having to blog from another computer right now because my new laptop is being a stupid paperweight! I won’t bore you all with the techno-babble, let’s just say that after about 8 minutes it decides to revolt and go on it’s merry way. And it doesn’t just wonder off. No. It takes the whole bloody system with it! Like some sort of hijacking or hostage! Ooooo! I could scream for frustration. So there isn’t probably gonna be many updates to the art blog for a while till I get the cursed thing working properly again. The stupid little snot. Errrgh! Okay.

That aside I had a really good weekend. A couple of my cousins came up to visit from L.A. area. Which was way cool. I don’t get to see them that often. One of them is trying to make a play at getting into Hollywood! More power to you Lee! And the other one is working on some sort of credidation or certification in sign language. Whoo! Go Liz! We went to go see the Chinese New Year parade in SF. That was fun. Lots and lots and lots of dragon and lion dance teams. But it was fun nonetheless. Actually some of the teams were really good. There’s also the obligatory floats with cute chixxorz on them. And lots of elementary school kids, who were adorable. One group came by all in monkey masks, since this is the year of the monkey. And in case you’re wondering, yes the parade does happen after the official New Year’s celebration. There were also the obligatory HS and Jr. HS marching bands, a few of them actually seemed quite good. I love hearing the drums! w00t! Drums roXXorz! Some thing wonderfully primal about a solid drum line.

Well that’s about it for me. I’ll try to keep posting when I can. Take care all!

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