Just saw one of the funniest and saddest things ever. I was watching a NOVA episode about dogs, where they came from, what can we learn from them, etc. There was a segment about dogs and nerological disorders, like intense shyness and narcolepsy. It’s sad but oh so funny to watch a narcoleptic dog. They are walking and then they are on the floor alseep. It is like the preception of narcolepsy in humans. It’s sad to see really…. but I couldn’t help but laugh. Brand me heartless but it was funny to watch.

Em. What else. Oh. I finished my painting last er early this morning. Yeah on Saturday at around 11 pm I decided to scrap my original plan and do a whole new painting. Yep. It was literally a 11th hour conversion. (insert corny laugh track here) But it was done. I did it all pretty much in about 12 hours give or take. It was marathon painting. Sadly that seems to be the way it often goes. At least for me. Over ambitious, last minute changes and a freak out dash to the finish. ::groan:: I need a better work ethic. Ugh. But first I need sleep. G’night.

[Listening to: -04- shiroi yami no naka (Kim – SHAKKA ZOMBIE – (04:05)]

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