The Passion of The Christ

We’ve been hearing about it for months, weeks now. I opened this past Wednesday, Ash Wednesday. I am not Catholic so I am a litte uncertain about the full significance of Ash Wednesday, but the impact of Mel Gibson’s latest film, The Passion of the Christ was not lost on me. I just got back from seeing it. This will be my inital reaction. I may write a more ‘critical’ thought later.

Wheather you believe in Christ or not this film should move you. The story of a man, and innocent man, condemed to die under the strongest and harshest death that has possibly ever been imagined so far. The film begins with Jesus in the garden at Gethsemane and closes with his resurrection. This should not be a spoiler to anyone. The film’s main story follows passing of the 12 hours leading up to his crucifixion. It is not pretty. But it is not two and a half hours of bloodlet and torture. There are moments in the film that give an interesting perspective on his life and how he lived.

These moments really pull in the human-ess of Jesus, They make him feel much more like someone you might have known. He is not one of the iconic images, or the pasty, effemenate image. These moments are part of the hope in the film, they are also instramental in it’s pathos. They give him the flesh that He was supposed to inhabit. And, they are some of the most powerful moments in the film. The remind me of Luke’s account of the Gospel, a little more time spent on the more physical plane. That is what moved me the most. The image of Jesus as a man, a real man with flesh and blood, not some painting in a gallery.

There is some heavy symbolism used in the film, both the good and the evil. The image of Lucifer (the Devil, The Morning Star, Satan) is given an interesting treatment. I find it far superior to what Hollywood usually throws at us.
I’m getting too tired to give much more. I’ll post again tomorrow. Take care all.

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