I was watching the Bio Channel earlier today and they had a special on ‘Cleavage”. Well, I decided to have a look. since it was mostly told from a female point of view, it was actually quite informative. Although I don’t claim to understand them any better. That aside, consider this statement by one of the head ladies over at Cosmopolitan Mag, “Cosmo finds the twelve most beautiful faces in world, it’s nothing to do with you.” (slight paraphrase) That’s right folks even Cosmo admits that cover girls aren’t “real”. They are the high end of the gene pool, they are the lucky 12 out of several million that look that good. Which is why they are often used again and again and again. In magazine land there are only perfect people. So guys: Don’t expect your girlfriends to look like a Playboy model. Gals: Don’t expect yourselves to look like a Playboy model. These people aren’t part of the vast majority of the world population. They should not be used as a measuring tool. Don’t compare bust sizes, don’t compare hair, don’t compare legs, just don’t compare! People should accepted as they are. Once you accept them that way they are beautiful because they are, not because some magazine tells you they are. ::climbs down off soap box::

In other news I seem to be over my sickness. hurrah. Although it means that I am now in “major-catch-up” mode since I was unable to use my weekend to work. Blah! Stupid sick stomach. I think I will be able to get this painting project done by Monday. Especially since that’s when it’s due. Meh. Stupid school. Oh well. At least now I know where to get Fan Subs! Hurray! Fresh (as in probably shown last week) anime! w00t! But I’ve probably talked about that before. I guess that means that there isn’t much going on. ::sigh:: Kinda depressing really. Well I guess I could say a word or two about my art.

Well my painting 2 class assignment is to do an abstract painting. This is not my strong suite. I’m actually not sure how to go about it. Right now I have simply divided up my board into 20 squares. As it stands now I’m going to paint about 6 or 7 of them with small images and the rest will be painted solid colors. It’ll probably look like a disco floor gone beserk. ^ ^;; Oh well. I really wish I had a digital camera so I could make pictures of some of my stuff. Not that it’s actually any good but some of it ain’t bad. Especially when you crop out other parts, and stand about a mile away. ^ ^;; Maybe I can borrow my grandparent’s one for a little while. Well I’ll let you all know if there is anything like that on the web. Okay I’m done. Later.

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