Oh here’s a quick side note that just was possibly the oddest thing to happen to me in . . . years! Okay so I’m standing at my easel and I’m looking kinda painterly and assessing my canvas (in leyman terms that means I was staring at the blank space thinking “Now what?!”). Then BOOM!! Out of the blue I feel something on me bum! It . . . it feels like it’s nibbling! What the-?! I can’t even turn around I’m so shocked. All I can manage is to stand there and blink like some sort of anime character.

It’s time like this I wish I had Genji’s become-chibi-at-will skill. Because that’s how I felt. I don’t even know how to describe how strange it is to have one of the girls in class . . . em . . . ‘hand-nibble’ yer bum! Not that it was unwelcome . . . but it was so unexpected . . . When you’ve been dateless for nearly ::counts on one hand and then goes to the other:: well a few years. Ah who am I fooling? I’ve dateless most of my life. The first 10 years don’t count because I wasn’t dealing with hormones then. The following 14 I have all but given up on the idea. But that is way off topic. Anyway. I had a day stopping, jaw dropping, unable-to-move-from-shock ing moment today.

And damnit! She has a BF! ::mutter fume mutter grumle complain pout::

And she’s cute too. >.

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