If the weather was read like the stock market today would probably sound something like this.

Today in San Francisco California:

Hem lines were way up.

Neck lines were down. Despite this down turn investors are happy and not about to sell any time soon.

Spaghetti straps are rising quickly.

And finally toes have an IPO and are showing strong gains for the second day in a row.
They are also wiggling freely in the grass and royally enjoying their time out.

Okay so I tacked on that last bit about the toes. But that’s what it’s like out here. Spring comes fast here on the west coast I guess. Despite my love of cold weather, I am not about to complain. With hem lines up who really could? ^_~ So get out there and enjoy the weather! Just keep some long sleeves near by just in case the wind picks up, and for when the sun goes down. It cools off right quick when that happens.

::ponder:: With the rising hem lines, maybe it’s a good thing we don’t live in “Anime-Land”. All those strange stray “fan service” breezes would be vicious. Although since we are not obligated to ware the ubiquitous japanese sailor uniforms it probably wouldn’t be as bad. Okay my stray thought for the day. ::waves:: Take Care all!

[Listening to: there’s never enough time – the Postal Service – Such Great Heights (03:33)]

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