Good evening all!

I had a tiring yet rewarding day today. I turned in my midterm essay for my modern Art “history” class. And I finished it a full hour and a half before it was due! w00t! Go me! Then I got to hang out for a while with a friend from class, way cool! And I got to introduce her to Chrno Crusade.

It’s sort hard to describe. But the best I can come up with is … imagine Hellsing but cute and funny, oh and Catholic. I know that is quite a mind stretch but is about as good as it’s gonna get. To try to classify it by it’s aspects would be a really long list. Needless to say it is better than the “teaser” line may make it sound. If you’re hooked into a fan sub network look it up. It’s up to episode 15. The story centers on a warrior nun Rosette and her daemon assistant Chrno. Along the way they encounter a girl with a divinely blessed voice and a jewel powered witch. They work to solve the mysteries of their respective pasts and slay tons o’ daemons! It’s fun and laughs, and a healthy dose of freaky demon mayhem.

::sigh:: Now I go to sleep. I have to do mucho mucho painting this weekend.

>Some thing You have to check out!Swiss Army knife w/ USB Flash Mem stick!

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