Horrible Tease or Simply Physically Affectionate

A little while back, past post, 3/1/04 I mentioned that I had an odd experience. Well . . . life gets, stranger, but better. I think. I donno. Here’s how it stands: the girl I mentioned earlier . . . well since the, uh, incident has been more physically affectionate to me. Not that I mind but I’m not sure how to interpret it. I mean she has a BF (::mutter::). So that leaves me wondering. Is she being a horrible tease? or just affectionate? ARGH!

No it didn’t happen all at once. We just sorta chatted and goofed off in class as usual for about a week or so but then this Monday [which I just noticed was yesterday, strange how long ago it seems], critique day for Painting 2, after the critique she came up behind me and was scratching my back. =^.^= nyow! The best was when I would do my best attempt at purring she would lean in to try to figure out what I was doing. =^.^= nyow!! I had a little time before my next class so I thought I’d return the favor and gave her a back massage.

Okay, fast forward to today. Figure Painting class. I’m thinking the fact that I see this girl every day I’m at school doesn’t help my growing affection for her. Anyway. She looked a little tired and she said she hadn’t slept well so when we had our long break I sat down next to her and scratched her back, which is very relaxing to give it too. She was very grateful, and said so. Well it was phrased more like “Mmmm. I just want to go crawl into my bed after this.” To me that says ‘Job well done!’ w00t! But then she sorta leaned against me. (@.@) I don’t know what to make of this. The best advice I could come up with for myself was, “Make nothing of it. Accept it as a gift and leave it at that. Anything else and you’re setting yourself up for trouble.” So I’m trying to do that. But it’s hard. Especially when you are starved for physical contact. Yeah. To save yourself from this become a huggy person, or at least a hand shake person. Life without a little physical contact is just not as satisfying. Sure you can get by, I have for years now, but that doesn’t mean I’m not starved for just a little more of it.

So that’s my day. Oh in Figure Painting I actually got most of the figure down on the paper! w00t! Go me! It was possibly the most complete figure I’ve done all semester. Yay! Okay need sleep now. Take care all.

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