The Method Behind the Madness

Okay. I now have more details and a better understanding of why the girl from class may be behaving like she is. Today is her 4 year anniversary. One of the reasons she’s been stressed is that she’s been troubled by the way the relationship has been going recently. So she told me that they having a final date and then gonna “take a break for awhile”. This explains a whole lot . . . to me at least. It is also a rather nice release to me since now I have a frame work in which I can try to process her actions. ::processing::

Here’s the results:

  1. She is not being a horrible tease
  2. She is (most likely) seeking a little comfort in the time of stress.
  3. I am still free to feel how ever I want
  4. Little has probably changed in the way I will treat her, and that is probably the same from her side
  5. Enjoy the fact that I have a friend that doesn’t mind a little teasing

Well that’s a load off my mind. I’ll catch you all on the flipside. Take care!

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