Dude! OMG! I’m really friggin’ excited. Just checked my e-mail, and there was a letter for me! “Dood! Sw33t! Letters!” But to top off this cool thing is that the letter came from the author/illustrator of 10K Commotion! Which if any of you are DDR nuts you have to read. Even if you aren’t a DDR not you should go for the art. The plot line draws on some of the DDR subculture stuff so it may not make quite as much sense to non DDR players. But even if you have a passing interest in DDR it should be fun. I likes it. It likes it alot! Two big BIG w00ts! From me. Plus she replied to my e-mail! ::big sparklie eyes:: Okay. I’m done gushing . . . I think. ^_~

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