Whew. Concert Night!

No I wasn’t the concert. That would have been an exercise in pain and boredom. Plus I would not want to inflict my lack of musical talent on anyone. I feel sorry enough for the people who have to hear me sing at chruch. But that’s a wholely different matter.

To night I got to see Switchfoot! These guys rock! You may have heard their songs on the radio, Meant to Live, Dare You to Move, and one more that I’m forgetting. Well they are friggin’ awesome. I think I said that already. Well it’s worth saying again. The openers were pretty hard core too! The openers were Copeland and The Jealous Sound. Copeland has a sound similar to Switchfoot, addtive, clear and fun! The Jealous sound, is much harder. They were really rocking out tonight . . . not that I’d ever seen or heard of them before . . . but that doesn’t change how much they rocked. My friend bought all the CDs and I got one too. Naturally the headline band was the best but if either Copeland or The Jealous Sound is in your area check them out! Support new and up coming music! CD sales at concerts have a much stronger money tie to the band, so if you buy there your support is deffinatly felt! Okay. Need sleep now. Take care all!

p.s. If any of you also look at my art blog, I have not forgotten it. It’s been mid terms lately so I’ve been busy. Sorry. Updates this weekend for sure.

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