A Beef with Anime, and Anime Influenced Art

This is a nit pik by me and should be viewed as such.

I love anime and the anime style but there is one thing that’s been cropping up more and more often that just sorta rubs me the wrong way.

It’s this: The eye should not be seen through the hair!

If there is a gap in the hair fine. But hair is friggin’ opaque! You can’t see through it. Argh! This shouldn’t bother me but it does. It’s really a small thing and a minor quible. But to me it says “Lazy artist”. A guy who can’t be bothered to erase or not ink the parts covered by the hair. Granted human error always creeps in but for crying out loud, it shouldn’t be so common. It has been going on so long that it’s practically part of the style as a whole. I think that’s what bothers me more than anything else. If only a few people did it or it showed up every now a then in specific anime, but it seems like it’s friggin every where! ::huff puff huff puff:: :: climbs down of rant box::

Sorry about that. I just needed to get that off my chest. It’s been bugging me recently and now I’ve said my peace.

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