iPod and stuff

I’m sure some of you have heard that the bundled iPod earphones are bad. This is only partly true. The sound quality is nice, good highs and decent lows. The best sounding bundled earbuds that I know of. But the damn things are uncomfortable! They are really friggin big! I wouldn’t mind if they were molded a bit better but the hurt. In terms of comfort I put them up with the original XBox controler in ‘nice-but-not-for-me’ catagory, damn controler made my hands cramp from trying to play JetSet Radio Future. Although with the pads they aren’t so bad. Its their one saving grace. This is not to knock Apple or the iPod, but it is something to keep in mind. Most peopele will probably get a new set of headphones or use the pads, which sorta conflict with the nice white and silver style. But Black does make a nice accent. Well that’s the latest news from my little iPod world. ^_^ I love it! ::huggs iPod::

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