And to your left, all I know about . . .

I have but a coursery knowledge of dating and relationships. Most of that come to me second hand too. Although most of it came from my female friends so it usually came in the “Don’t ever do this” kind of way, although more often they were a little more gentle about it. I try to take the advice to heart. But being male, testosterone tends to make me stupid sometimes. The rest of the time I have no excuse. ^_~ ::yuk yuk yuk :: But seriously. This whole relationship stuff is weird man. I don’t know what to make of it. None of the advice I’ve gotten so far covers this beginning stuff. ::sigh:: Oh, well. I guess I’ll do what I usually do, make it up as I go along. ::looks up to Heaven:: Please help me not to make a jibbering idiot of my self. Well any more of a jibbering idiot that I am already.

In othe news, Hellboy opens this weekend. w00t! Hurray for Mike Mignolia. I really hope it is good. Hellboy deserves it.

I saw Secret Window on Tuesday. It’s pretty good. Quite creepy and very classic Stephen King. I liked it. Sadly I guessed the kicker detail before the end of the movie but it was still well done. Jhonny Depp was fantastic, as always. I’d go into it but the plot is kinda involved. But the ending is not what you might expect. It kinda reminds me of Edger Allen Poe a little. All around good stuff, in a creepy sinister kind of way. I’d give it a 7 out of 10. (I’d put it higher but I guessed the end too soon.)

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