Slash dot and things

I am a big fan of a site called Slashdot: News for Nerds. It is quite the repositiory of interesting an sometimes usless information. ^_^ Currently there is a thread that has my eye. It is about the revitalizing of Farscape on the Sci Fi Channel. If any of you watched the show it was truely one of the great sci fi series. If you haven’t seen it they do show the reruns, but make sure you try to watch them in series because they often used longer story arcs, meaning an overarching plot would tie together several episodes. This gave the show a nice sense of depth and plausability that many sci fi shows don’t have, ie Voyager or Enterprise. But how can sci fi be plausible? It takes the concepts and says “Well what if they really work?” Then moves on as if they did. It might seem like that would be a reason to not find it plausible but the way they apply the theorys are really quite facianting and believeable. I love the inclusion of the organic ships. Long live Moya. The universe is not in perfect balance, there are power struggles between the dominate races of the area and what John’s knowledge of wormholes means to them. The whole thing makes a wonderful package much like the first few seasons of Babylon 5.

But to get back on point, the Sci Fi Channel is going to show a 4 part mini series that will close off the Farscape universe. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing. There is a claim that it will return as a regular series, which I am all for. There has been plenty of fan outcry for it. The fans of Farscape are a whole new level of devotee. They even put some anime freaks in their place. For example my friend is a huge huge Farscape fan. When it was on you always knew where to find her on Friday’s at 9 pm pst. One time I had called her on the phone and as we talked it was time for her show. She tried to convience me that she could talk to me and watch Farscape. After a few mintues of long pauses between answers and a couple of “I’m sorry what was that again?” I told her I’d call her back after Farscape. This is not a ‘hate’ on her, it is simply a testament to the quality of the series. I haven’t seen enough episodes to call myself a fan but I do like the show and would like to see it come back.

Similarly, Firefly, formally on Fox, has been murmured to be making a return. I never saw the show so I have little to say on the matter. One of my friends, Bane, really loves it, but there is a fair amout of displeasure with it too. To me this says it’s a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ show. It doesn’t seem to have much middle ground. The premise is interesting, no aliens just humanity spreading its existance to other colony planets. It looked pretty interesting. It comes from the mind of Josh Whedon, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fame. So it should be worth a look. The first season is avaliable on DVD. If you like it I’m sure there is a group you can join to tell the execs that you want it back. I know there is a very large one for Farscape.

That’s all for now. Take care.

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