Well today went better than yesterday. More sleep does wonders. I slept in till almost 11, which also almost made me late for class. But it was okay in the end.
I’m going to the MOMA tomorrow…er today. Yay. That’s the SFMoMA, just so there’s no confusion. That should be fun. Plus I’m going with my firend from my painting classes, yeah she’s in both. It’s kinda funky. Sorta like way back when, when every one was in one class room all day. Normally I see people maybe twice a week. So iIt’s nice. NO compliants. Should be fun. Friends and art, there’s little else to want out of life. Okay okay food is good too. Friends, art, and food.

[Listening to: Steve McQueen – Sheryl Crow – Cmon Cmon (Promo Release) (03:29)]

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