Wondering and wandering . . .

[Listening to: Where Is My Mind? – The Pixies – Fight Club OST (3:46)]

I’m finding it hard to think and concentrate in recent days. I think I know who to “blame” for this, and I ain’t gonna because that would imply that I don’t like it, which is not the case. I enjoy it greatly. Although it is a really new experience for me and honestly has me rather scared.

Is it really supposed to be like this? She touches you on your back and you feel a heat generate on your chest? Thoughts and words garbled long before they reach the lips? Confusing the eye color because to you they glow?

Hmmm. ::looks back over last few sentences:: Geez. I’m such a dork. Hopeless fool. ::sigh:: -_-;; Baka. Baka! Baka! Baka! (that’s Japanese for fool or idiot) Ugh. Life is never simple and now I’ve made it really complicated. Or maybe my inner critic is working overtime. Well he does that already so he must have hired more crew. Great just what I need, more efficient inner criticism. Bah! Humbug. ^_~ Well this is supposed to be about the things I’m interested in. Currently it’s kinda single tracked . . . well I guess that’s the be expected. I’m gonna stop now since I’m not really making much sense anymore. Take care.

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