The Bamboo . . . the angst!

[Listening to: Amazing – Andy Hunter – Simply Groovy (4:59)]

Bamboo is usually a tall, graceful plant that has inspired artist of all types to ponder and examine its beauty. I am one of them. That was till it tried to turn my backyard into a bamboo forest. It sounds nice in theory and it wouldn’t be so bad except . . . my backyard is not a bamboo forest. I don’t own pandas and I have no way of controlling its growth. With most trees it is a relatively simple matter to get rid of them. Chop them up and grind up the root. Bamboo ain’t that easy. No. It has to be like the Aspen tree, meaning that it spreads by sending out roots that turn into new trees a certain points. This means that it is one frigging’ huge root! And the darn stuff is tough! It does not go down easy. When you do manage to clear a spot the stuff grows back almost as fast as you cut it down. To further the aggravation if you cut and spray vegetation killer on it it just kills that nodule off and starts growing from below it! Argh! Stupid segmented plant! Actually it is a beautiful tree that is very hearty. Normally I would extol its virtues but not when it is trying to take over like a bad rash. One gains a much stronger appreciation for the Asian bamboo forests after trying to take the stuff out by hand.

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