Happy Easter!

[Listening to: Crazy Sunshine – The Pillows – Happy Bivouac (4:07)]

Religious or not I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today was especially nice to me. A friend of mine that I don’t get to see that often, usually once a year, came to visit. Yay! It’s not that she lives all that far away . . . but it is just far enough and our schedules are just far enough off that I have trouble fitting time in to visit her. Also her BF takes up a fair amount of her time as well.

But today was different. Today she came to Easter service with her bro-in-law and her cousin. After service we all went to brunch. ^_^ Chevy’s for brunch. Yummy! Then she got to hang out at my house for a while. I got to show her some of my paintings and we watched Thumb Wars. We also were just goofy and grinned a lot. It is very satisfying to make her smile. Well it’s very gratifying to make anyone smile but it’s really fun to make your fiends smile. If you can get them to blush it’s bonus prizes.

Then it was time to take her home. We had to stop at her sister’s to pick up some stuff. Her sister’s kinds are cool. ^_^ I like ’em. After a short visit we went to her house. Her mom made dinner. enchiladas! w00t! Mexican twice! w00t! w00t! It was kinda funny they were a little surprised that all of them were eating dinner at the same time and at the same table. ^_^ It was fun. Then ::sigh:: it was time to go home.

It sucks when you have someone that you click with that well and then you can’t see them often. We talk on the phone quite often but it’s not the same. It’s a little harder to feed off the energy of the other person out of their presence. ::sigh:: Oh well. I’ll just have to schedule in more time. ^_^ Okay. I go sleepy sleep now. Take care!

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