Fat . . . Friends . . . Cuddles

Yes, it is a strange title. But consider the source. Anyway let’s begin.

Last night as I was coming home from school, I was staying late to work on my painting, I caught the opening to Love Line. Normally I skip the show because it’s not my cup of tea. Yes, they provide a service, but I think the internet can be just as useful. But then again I spend alot of time on the internet and have a pretty good method to determining the info from the crap. But that’s off point. Anyway the guys were harping about these new fat free or reduced calorie foods. Their basic stance is that if you have a weight problem, fat free foods aren’t going to solve it. I was “Yes! There are people out there who don’t buy into this ‘fat free’ crap!” Because it is crap. Fat free is lame. I have tried them and they suck. There is no flavor, no body, nothing to savor or enjoy. ICK! I’ll take my food at full load and just do the senesable thing, eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied. It’s a simple concept that has done wonders for my figure. (wakka wakka wakka) So don’t buy the lie! Fat free = Flavor free! Eat with sense and exercise and you’ll do fine.

Friends. I love you all. You are very encourageing to me. Thank you all sooooooooooooooo much! ::hugggggggggggs:: You guys are the greatest, no really!

Cuddles. ::sigh:: I admit I’m rather a cuddle whore. I never knew I was, but that’s also becuse I never really got cuddles before. ^_______________________________________^ They’re so nice. I don’t understand why guys steropically don’t like them? What’s not to like? Anyway I drove my friend back to her place, because I wanted to spend more time with her . . . and hopefully get cuddles. ^^;; Well I did. Heehee. *Ahem* Guys, girls tend to like cuddles, so do it. They’re more fun than you think . . . or maybe it’s just me. Either way give it a shot. You may find that things go better with cuddles. ^_~

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