[Listening to: BT – Dreaming – BT – (5:20)]

I feel strangely hollow inside right now. Like I’ve missed something . . . maybe someone. ::sigh:: I am so friggin’ pathetic. Not even 24 hours and I feel like this. What kind of crap is that? ::puts large “loser” sticker on forehead:: When did this happen? Oh wait I know this one, March 30th. That was the turning point. Now a mere eighteen days later my gut level is saying “Dood. Wher3z d4 cut3 chiXXor?” (Translation: My Friend, where is the attractive young lady of your affection?) And I can tell you . . . well actually sorta. I don’t have her street address, but I can tell ya how to get there. Blah. I might get to see her tomorrow, but that doesn’t change the fact that I want to see her now. ::sigh:: Sad, sad, sad. Eighteen days and you’re a whimpering little fool. >.

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