Sp4m SuXorz! SuXorz |-|4r|) C0r3!

Spam sucks, and spam that cirumvents your filters by using l33t in the title are insidious. The bastards. OMG! I am so angry at them right now. Stupid stupid spammers! Errrrgh! ::anger and venom spat on the spammer::

It’s is kinda funny. When I started this it was very much about tech and the internet and my geekness. Now it’s all . . . different. I think I’ve hardly mentioned tech in the past few weeks. Even my iPod got eclipsed! I never saw that coming. Not that the iPod is the single greatest thing ever, but it comes pretty close. 20 gigabytes of AAC and MP3 goodness! It’s smaller than a deck of cards and it’s lighter than 2 CDs with jewel cases! It doesn’t get much more l33t than that. Well then there’s the 40 gig model. But that’s not all. If you get the media card reader you can use your iPod as a digital wallet! Yeah! Never have a full digital camera memory card again! Well at least not for long. Muwahahahahaha! *ahem* Now I am beginning the huge, okay so it’s just moderate, task of digitizing my CD collection. w00t! Or should that be suXorz? Eh. Either way it’s good in the end. I can take my tunes with me! Yay!

Ugh. Now I have to go be all productive and stuff. Have to write a 8 page paper due Monday. Hurray. Stupid Anthropology class. Meh.

Take care all.

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