A Thought.

[Listening to: INFORMATION HIGH – Sharron Apple – Yoko Kanno – MACROSS PLUS The Cream P U F (8:04)]

Humans are the strangest creatures on the planet. We are the only creature that can act contrary to our nature. A wolf cannot stop being a wolf. The wolf can be tamed, as we now have dogs, but he doesn’t stop being a wolf at heart. The instincs that we prize in dogs are the instincs that make a wolf one of the world’s best predators. Fish aren’t anything other than fish. Sure some of them have odd ways of getting around, like the mud skipper, but they are still fish. The more you look around the more obvious it is. Everything around us works and lives according to its nature. Humans are the only creatures that seem to fight it.

And we wonder why we are so stressed about the future and the meaning of life. Strangely enough we actually have a pretty good idea of what we are and what we are supposed to do. Our instincts maybe flawed but are not wholely wrong. When we see someone hurting we try to make them feel better. When someone is in need we want to give. When people are happy we are happy with them. And if we were wolves or trees or something like that we would fine. But no. We’re humans and throughly fsked in the head and we keep trying to do the exact of what it takes to make us happy.

We work like a dog to buy things, that are ultimately worthless and meaningless not to mention not going to make us happy, only to whine, bitch and complain about how unhappy we are. The we go back to work and repeat the cycle. No other animal on the planet does this! None of them are that stupid! They know they are what they are and they are okay with that. We are dissatisfied mostly because we think we are dissatisfied. And there is nothing stronger than the human mind’s ability to lie/deny to itself. So we all need to get off our little pity piles, let go of our petty thoughts of what we want and try to be happy! If you let go of things it makes life much easier to take. That means bitterness, happiness, and sadness.

Yes, let happiness go. If you chase after it or hold on to it, it will become cold, hard and probably even bitter. Happiness is one of those gifts that gives back when it is given away. Thus in the end both are happy. In fact they are happier than when they started. Everyone wins! Try it.

::climbs down off soap box:: That is all go live your lives. Take care.

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