GMail 4 me!

I’m totally geeking out here! I got a Gmail account! That’s right! Google’s new mail service! I got an account! I’m a beta tester! w00t! I’m such a dork. But this is soooooo cool! I’ve always wanted to be a beta tester for something . . . and this something could be huge! A whole frigging gigabyte of space?! And the new search feature looks way sweet! If you’re interested in this I will try to keep posting impressions of it. If you want to encourage me to use it more and maybe actually get good at this e-mail thing you can e-mail me: geekosupremo(a) Just put the at @ sign in the right place.

Okay Peace everyone. I have to get back to writing my P.O.S. anthropology paper. Ick.

Email me please. Just for kicks if nothing else. ^_~

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