For Geeks, a Short History of UNIX

We (the geeks) are all quite aware of the Linux rush. A systems designed using the UNIX ideas and implementation. And all in all making a better OS than Windoz. No matter how much I like XP I’d rather be tinkering with a UNIX box. This doesn’t mean I’m a UNIX geek . . . well not yet. I’m working on it but currently I’m more of the arty/designer geek so my aims and goals are a little different. I want an OS that works and that does what I want it to, which is why I really really really like Mac OS X. I like the Mac OS in general, they seem to have a better way of “just making things work”. My Wacom tablet works like a charm on my old iMac from way back in 99, yup, it’s lime green and lickable. But on my barely a year old Dell Inspiron 5150 I find that the pressure senseitivity suddenly and fairly randomly drops. This may be more of a product of Photoshop but it is till a very odd bug. I’ve found ways around it but I think I’m going to stick to my trusty Mac for most of my design stuff. But here I am wondering far afield. Back to the point.

Andy Tanenbaum is a well respected member of the CS (Computer Science) field. He was recently interviewed for a book about the UNIX vs. Linux stuff. He has posted an interesting article about it here. If you have an interest in the subject it is quite interesting. Plus you can still get a copy of his “home brewed” os MINIX. I hope you find it as facinating as I did. Although it may be a cure for insomnia for many of you. Take care all.

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