A Fond Farewell

[Listening to: Amazing – Blue October – Local Licks Live (5:06)]

It’s a rather sad day. One of my favorite shows from TechTV, Call for Help, is not going to make the cut as Tech TV and G4: the gaming network become G4TechTV. For those who know, this was an excellent show for the non tech savvy. Leo did an excellent job of making the Personal Confuser (PC) a manageable and useful item for people who may not have grown up with one as I did. Leo, Cat, Roger and crew you will be missed. ::raises glass:: To helping even a jaded computer savvy dork look at the computer in new ways. Plus it made me feel smarter because I could answer the questions almost as well as Leo! w00t! I am smrt! I am smrt! S – M – R – T, smrt! ^_^ But honestly, Call for Help will be missed. In some ways it was better than the Screen Savers. But that’s mostly because I like Leo, he was quite the Mr. Personality. ^_^ Supposedly Cat will still be on the G4TechTV staff. I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled for her. It sounds like the rest of the crew is going to take some time and reassess their next move. Best of luck to all of you!

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