Blunt reality, held up by hope

The bitter reality of comic books.

Yes, folks, one of my all time favorite dreams. To be a comic guy . . . not like the one from the Simpsons. ::shudder:: I pray I never turn into that guy. No I mean a guy who does comics. It has been in the back of my mind do it for years. This summer, God willing and my self determination not withstanding, I will begin my illustrious first steps into starvation. No, no, no that’s a joke. But I have no illusions about making money doing comics. My plan is to have a wonderful vocation, not a job . . . jobs are for fast food, that allows me the freedom to follow my dreams and hobbies. Hobbies are a commitment but if forced to put them on hold they can be temporarily sacrificed. Although trying to get people to quit hobbies can be an exercise in frustration. I hope that is how it will be with me and my comics. I want to love doing them sooooooo much that I just can’t stop doing them. And if all goes well maybe . . . maybe I’ll be able to do them as a profession. But that’s a big “maybe”. I am aiming to enjoy myself and hopefully have a few who will enjoy it too. ^_^ Okay. Back to work on not doing my paper. Gah! Focus! “Control. Control! You must learn control!” – Yoda

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