FANIME!!!! w00t!

[Listening to: Bran-new lovesong – The Pillows – Fooly Cooly: (FLCL) OST 1 – Addict (1:58)]

Dooooooood! I’m actually gonna be at Fanime for the whole friggin’ weekend! I am sooooooo excited! Big thanks to my GF for pitching in a little to bring up my funding to the level of a all weekend pass. Thank you! ::hugggggggggggggggggs and kisses too!:: ^_^ I’ve already been to the Pockybot and MegaTokyo panels! And I got to see Evangelion ReDeath ReDux plus Battle Royal 2! Weeeeeee! ::giddy little dance::

I should mention that my GF cosplayed as Wolfwood, if Wolfwood had been a girl and dare I say . . . hot! I unfortunatly forgot my digi cam so you’ll have to wait for photos. But I can say that the pics are well ‘tasty’. Well I think it’s pretty yummy. ^_^ But then again I’m kinda biased.

You all need to go read Pockybot! It is very very odd. Very random. And all around good stuff. It’s kinda like Space Ghost Coast to Coast in that the humor is not always what one would expect. But if you have any 80s video game nestalgia and like very random odd humor then it’s a wonderful place to be. I think it’s cool anyway. Also the art is truely distinctive. So check it out!

Eva ReDeath ReDux is hilarious! When I find the website I’ll post a link. Tomorrow is Nescaflone! w00t! More anime hilarity! yay! I am still shaking from all the fun … or maybe it’s just the Red Bull and lack of sleep. Speaking of sleep. Mmmmmm sleeeeeeep. I’ll post more tomorrow. w00t! I’m actually gonna be at Fanime tomorrow!

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