Fanime Wrap up . . . till I get enough energy to do more . . .

Tired . . . bone weary tired . . . But I had a blast. Fanime is so much better with someone to hang out with and it’s really cool when you attend for more than one day. I really enjoyed it. And I have pictures of the prettiest girl at the con. Granted I’m biased but she really looks absolutely fabulous. I’m gonna have to save up for next year. And I may even pre reg. ::ponder:: I may also cosplay. Just gotta come up with a good costume. I’m thinking something to complement the her Wolfwood costume. No she’s not cross-playing. It’s an alternate world Wolfwood who is female and sexy! In that costume there are many many people who want her picture. She also has a drool worthy Faye costume. Not just any Faye, I’m talking about Ballad of the Fallen Angels Faye. ::drool:: If you have seen the episode then you’ll know what I mean. I may post some pics too. But the whipped cream on top was her chong sam. ::droooooooooooooooool:: OMG! I have a weakness for chong sams to begin with and wow . . . that was just . . . ::droooool:: Mmmmmmm MMMMmmmm good. ^_^;; Heh. Yeah. As she likes to say “Silly boy”. But when faced with such a lovely sight how can one not be a little silly? Okay. I’m gonna crash soon. Take care all.

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