Don’t steal. Just dont. This is part of the reason why.

[Listening to: Annie-Dog – Smashing Pumpkins – Adore (3:38)]

Okay. Just because something is on the net does not mean that it is free. Copyrights still apply. Don’t steal especially art. If you use someone’s art 1. ask their permission and 2. give them the friggin’ credit! Art is not something that just appears on the internet. It is the effort of real people who are either doing it for personal expresion or for fun or sometimes for what profit they can get off it. Most of the time they don’t mind you using the art as long as you link back to them and give them credit. It’s not much just aknowledging who did what.

Case in point. I point you to the blog of one Space Coyote. Her latest entry covers this very subject. It’s really quite sad to see just how bad this theft is. It hasn’t happened to me yet but that’s only because nothing I have is worth stealing. But that’s a differnt matter. The principle is the same; DON’T STEAL!

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