Sorry … been slacking.

I just realized I haven’t posted in the past few days. Sorry about that. Actually it’s probably closer to a week that I haven’t. ::sigh:: Oh well. Life is good, although a bit busy at the moment. I have an video editing project due on Saturday and VBS too. Whew. Herding three year olds around is tiring. Plus I call my lady almost every night. *ahem* But I doubt very much if that interestes you much. So I’m gonna switch subjects.


It sucks. I don’t like it. Tech TV may not have been the strongest channel ever but it had a solid and loyal following. Plus with wonderful shows like Call for Help it was certinaly growing it’s audience. Then along comes Comcast with big bags of buXorz and TechTV is sold. Comcast plans on joining it’s G4 gaming channel with TechTV. Sounds good in theory. Then you try to watch it. OMG! I didn’t realize that they were going to gut one of my favorite channels and fill the hole with crap. Some of it is fine but most of it suXorz h4rdc0re.

I’ll start with what I like:

  • Icons – a show about the people who make the games. Very cool, give one a view into their mind set and their philosophy on games and gaming.
  • Judgement Day – a review show. This is much like X-Play but with the different reviewers view points it still stands up well. The reviews are pretty well balanced. Tommy is scewed to the modern style of game play while Victor is a long time enthusist and enjoys the old shcool as well. I tend to disagree with Tommy on many points but I can usually see why he thinks the way he does. Victor is really the guy I like, he is very much like myself in view point. Because I loves me the old school games and games that are not really ‘new’ but fun. (Super Monkey Ball anyone?) Plus they always have the “hidden gem” and hardware/perfiferal review. I give it an 8 out of 10 (
  • Pulse – a news style show on gaming. Nothing too fancy but solid and well done. Cheat – this is lower on my list but it’s a solid show and the host is likeable.

What I don’t like (hold on this will take a little while):

  • – yeah that’s the name of the show. Originally a web cast only, if memory serves correct. The show would be better if I actually liked the hosts … but I don’t. I realllllly don’t. The guy just annoys me, and the two women seem like they are eternally screeching at everything. Gah! Shouting is not interesting or dynamic! It’s just loud. Also the show is supposed to be a call in/viewer interaction show. But when ever people call in they hardly get two or three sentences in and the hosts take over. Granted I have been spoiled watch quality call in shows like Call for Help and The Screen Savers but the hosts really annoy me by cutting off the caller and then, seemingly, ignore them till they need to move on. I am just confused. If it was just the hosts views that would make sense but why are they taking calls when the callers don’t get to talk? So the show is only a half hour long . . . so?! Expand it. Put up some effort and make it worth watching.
  • Players – it’s the gamers version of Cribs. It makes me want to take the channel out of the active list on my satalite. I find nothing about this show that makes me want to watch. I really don’t care what Limp Bizkit plays on the road. I don’t give a damn about what Blink 182 has in their homes. If this show was a weekly speical thing, I wouldn’t mind so much. But it’s every friggin’ day! BLAH!
  • Sweat – it’s just like Players but with sports people. Again, why do I care? Okay once a week an hour or a half sure fine. But every day? Why? Why?!!
  • Arena – games as a competive sport. For the love of God, why?! Hold a contest sure, fine, go for it. Open call for all teams, any one can enter. Great. But must we be submitted to watching it? I don’t mind watching good players play that’s all fine and dandy. But do I have to watch a team that is completely under matched go up against the regining champ? Why? What does that prove? Further, who cares? So you beat a buch of noobz! Whooopdie crap! I want to see teams with a fighting chance go against eachother in a mad dash, gun blazing, big bad explodie show down! I want to see something that leaves me gratifide in watch in the match. This is why the World Cup is such an amazing event. The worlds best players go at it and we get to watch some damn good football (or soccer if you prefer). This show does not do that. They simply take all comers. Which is not bad either but an “all comers” series should be some sort of event not the norm. Blah.

There are a couple of other shows that are mostly filler. They kinda just take up space, very much like Unscrewed. But the thing that gets me the most was the cancelation of Call for Help. A show that helped the noobs find their way though the geek-speak and alphabet soup that is modern computer tech. Even I a long time geek learned new tricks and tips from it. The finally thing that really pisses me off is the intrusion of the MTV culture onto my TechTV. I was quite happy to be Trojan Condom commercial free for several years. Now . . . ugh. I watch as little as I can of the G4 programing. Oh one last bitch and then I’m done. Why have the Tech TV shows been totally shafted when it comes to episode descriptions? Why does Players have an nice full description while The Screen Savers gets an piddly “Comptuer technology”? Why? Stupid, Stupid G4! Damnit! Grrrr! ::sigh:: Okay. I’m done. Now go do something. Take care, all.

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