Just for 10K of fun.

As some of you know I am an online comic addict of a high order, I currently have 38 bookmarks that I check everyday. But one of the first and one of my faves is 10K Commotion. DDR, nice art, cool characters = a groovy web comic. And like any good geek I also take the personality quizes that go along with it. Or maybe I’m just a sad geek. either way this one was fun. Mostly because I love the comic but I think it’s pretty fun anyway. So here is the result of the 10K Commotion personality quiz. I am (drum roll please)

Check it... you're Takeshi Makoto
Who Are You in the 10K Commotion? (10 Questions to Find Your Inner 10K Star)

brought to you by Quizilla
Go read the comic and try the test. It’s just that fun and easy. ^_^

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