Oops. Been too long.

Hey all. It’s me again. I’m having weird driver issues with my computer. I have to uninstall my modem when I shut down or I can’t put my laptop into sleep/hibernate mode. ::scratches head:: Weird.

Well it’s almost 4th of July! w00t! BIG pretty ‘splosions! ::drool:: The down side is all the morons who have to test out their explosives before time. Just now there have been at least 3 large annoying explosions. I don’t mind fireworks, nor big bang boom making thingies. However a time an a place for everything. Now is not the time, nor is this the place. For starters it’s illegal and second of all it’s kinda annoying. When you want to sleep and things are going all boom boom boom it’s very hard. That is part of the reason soldiers in the first world war got shell shocked. They couldn’t sleep, which does things to the brain. Medical studies have proven that you go a bit batty when you don’t sleep. And I’m crazy enough as it is, ::wink wink :: so let’s not make the problem any worse, hm?

In Other News

On Wednesday I went to the Boardwalk with my girlfriend and her sister and her boy friend. That was fun. We did the two coasters, the “spinny-egg-spinny” ferris wheel, bumper cars, and the skyway thingie. But the high light was hanging out with my lady. ^_^ Ooo! We also had dinner at this truly splendid vegetarian restaurant. Yes, vegetarian. I didn’t know what to expect but I am always up for trying new things and I have nothing against vegi food … I just like my meat. Mmmmmm yummy steaks. ::drool:: But back to the real food. It was delicious!! I mean really really really frigging good! If all vegi food was this good I might consider switching. ::ponder:: No … because that means no ribs. But it was sooooooo delicious. I had Schumann broccoli. It was a Chinese inspired dish with tofu instead of meat. Before you make a face this was good tofu. Yes, tofu can be tasty but it has to be very well prepared and seasoned. This was extremely well prepared and seasoned. When I get the name of it I’ll post it. It makes another reason to go to Santa Cruz.

Well it’s off to bed for me. Lots of sleep to catch up on. Take care all.

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