Adventure Camp

Well this is my yearly tradition, I spend the last week of July at Adventure Camp. The camp has been running for 11 years, I have only missed 2 of them. Both times because I was out of the country. This year was much like the others, which is good! I love this camp. I was way the heck back in Cabin 9, which is nicknamed “Cabin Take a Hike” since it feels like a hike to get there. That also means that I have the oldest boys, they were all 4th and 5th graders, mostly 5th. It was a lot of fun. Besides with these guys I can still pull the size card on them if need be. I can’t do that with Jr. Highers. Luckily for me one of my co-cabin leader types was Nate, he’s a 255 lbs, 6′ plus, lineman football player. Yeah, the guy is literally twice my size. Which is kinda fun, especially when all the kids want to attack him. It is quite amusing to watch 12 4th and 5th graders take him on. They have supriority in numbers but they hardly ever use it. Normally they just leap in one at a time. Some times they get up as high at 2 or 3. The other problem they face is that they feel like they have to jump to attack. This removes whatever base of power they had, so they get tossed around like rag dolls. Very fun to watch. ^_^ No one got hurt, well nothing above a bump or a slight bruise … and I don’t remember seeing any of those either. Good clean fun the got them tired for the evening.

Yes, the evening. When they throw candy and give them cookies and milk before bed. ::groan:: To whom do we give this dunce hat? Normally it’s not too bad, they usually get a sugar crash after awhile so it still works out. But I found the best way to get them to lay quiet and go to bed is to tell them a story. Not some weak little kiddie bedtime story. Nah. I prefer tales of high fantasy or sci-fi techno ninjas! w00t! Or something like that. Really what I do is keep talking until the whole cabin is snoring or so quiet they gotta be asleep. This way I can also drag the story out over multiple days. I learned this trick early on. And the kids seem to love it. ::grin:: Plus I get to indulge my abilty to improv and story tell. Yay! Hopefully I don’t suck. I may tell more about the week later. Take care all.

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